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from Senior Pastor, Dr. I. Dix Winston III


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4/15/18 – Don’t Be A Baby

There is nothing so precious and cute as a baby.  Conversely there is nothing so unappealing and unpleasant as an adult acting like a baby.  We might tell then to “Grow up, put your big boy pants on.”   But it is far worse when believers act like babies and refuse to grow up by not […]

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4/8/18 – Fresh Start!

Suppose you developed kidney disease and would die without a dialysis machine.  Although you would be grateful for a machine which prolonged your life, it would be very restrictive. Your life would now be governed by the hours spent on the machine. Now suppose one day the doctor called, and told you that a kidney […]

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4/1/18 – Beating Death

There are really only two kinds of people people in the world:  those who are dead and those who are going to be dead. Death is a game you cannot cheat.  Fame will not intimidate it.  Wealth cannot out outbid it.  Power does not scare it. And intelligence will not outsmart it.  The writer of […]

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