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Ladies, pre-register now for our much-anticipated May 13th Spring Tea event!


 Come early on Sunday’s and grab a cup of joe from our new HEBREWS Coffee Cafe. When you do, you’re supporting the Crosspoint Youth Group!

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4/23/17 – Surviving the Sirens

The seductive allure of the counterfeit has confounded men throughout the ages. Homer, in his mythological tale The Odyssey personified the perils of deception in the story of the Sirens—mythological half-woman, half-bird creatures who lived on an island in the Mediterranean Sea. Their beautiful, melodious songs were so enchanting that passing sailors strayed from their […]

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4/16/17 – Easter

LIFE:  DON’T LEAVE EARTH WITHOUT IT! Cynthia is the consummate packer. Whenever we leave on a trip she methodically and thoughtfully lays out each days “outfit” and puts a small piece of paper with the days date on it.  She never over packs.  (I think it has something to do with her Swiss-German genes.)  I […]

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4/14/17 – Good Friday

Remember… Our faith is based on the most scandalous event in human history—the resurrection of a dead man. Sometimes the story of Jesus’ resurrection sounds so familiar to us that we do not let the significance of it sink in as deeply as it should. Easter is coming, but before we get there, take some time […]

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