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8/20/17 – Will Work For All It’s Worth

There are dirty jobs, dead end jobs, and even dream jobs. But did you know that every job should be a DIVIDEND JOB.  In our passage Sunday, the Apostle assures first century SLAVES working both dirty and dead end jobs, how to turn them into a DIVIDEND JOB. Slavery was an ever-present feature of the Roman World. […]

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8/13/17 – Trickle Down Theology

Trickle down economics is the theory that allowing the top earners to keep more of their money means they will either invest it in new ventures or spend it, both creating more jobs.  The money will “trickle down” to those making less money.  But worry not, Sunday’s sermon is not on economics. It is about […]

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8/6/17 – You are cordially invited…

The Yellowstone Club is an exclusive club.  The initiation fee is $300,000.00 plus $30,00.00 annual fee.  One more thing, you must build a house worth at least $2,000,000.00. Clubs, not only require a lot of cash, but also a certain comportment of each member. There are things to do and not do, ways to dress and act, and certainly an expectation […]

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