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from Senior Pastor, Dr. I. Dix Winston III

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10/14/18 – No Safe Zones!

While in seminary, Howard Hendricks, asked our class this question:  “Have you ever wondered why there is so much in the Scriptures that is biographical?  It is obvious to even a causal reader of this Book [He held up his Bible.] that its pages are penetrated with personality — men and women who are not fugitives […]

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10/7/18 – Knock, Knock Who’s There?

Growing up my parents always took me to church. As I matriculated through the different Sunday School classes, there was always the above painting hanging on one of the classroom walls.  Jesus was knocking on a door.  As a young child it was both captivating and confusing.  I observed Jesus was knocking. Why would Jesus have […]

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9/30/18 – As Good As It Gets?

This Sunday Dan Sarian will bring a message of hope to those of us who grow weary while living life this side of eternity. Last Sunday the message was based on a troubled and fearful spirit (John 14:27). This Sunday Dan will go to the writings of the Apostle Paul where Paul describes the tendency to “lose heart” (2 Corinthians 4:1, […]

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