4/23/17 – Surviving the Sirens

The seductive allure of the counterfeit has confounded men throughout the ages. Homer, in his mythological tale The Odyssey personified the perils of deception in the story of the Sirens—mythological half-woman, half-bird creatures who lived on an island in the Mediterranean Sea. Their beautiful, melodious songs were so enchanting that passing sailors strayed from their charted course and crashed their ships on the rocky shoreline. The short-lived appeal of the Sirens’ song quickly gave way to the horrible reality of a painful death as the creatures came down from the rocks and devoured the flesh of the shipwrecked sailors.

Having one’s flesh devoured is never good, but shipwrecked saints (1 Timothy 1:9) having their souls devoured is far worse.  It happens when we listen to the spiritual siren songs of false teaching and fake teachers.  Most of the time it centers on the Person of Christ. And if you listen to them you will stray off course. Colossians is a lighthouse, to prevent spiritual shipwreck.  It shines it’s light brightly and steadfastly on Who Christ is, guiding us around the doctrinal dangers to safe harbor.

So this Sunday we begin a new study on the Book of Colossians.  Please take a few minutes (You will not even need ten!) to read through this glorious Christ-filled book.  Remember this is a great time to invite a friend hungry for The Word to church.

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