4/30/17 – Miracle Seed!

Dateline Israel, in 2005, researchers discovered several 2000 year date palm seeds. The seeds were found at Masada.  After soaking them in water, and later a nutrient solution, they were planted in pots in a botanical laboratory.  Three months later the soil began to crack as a date palm sprouted.  They named it Methuselah.  How cool is that?

But these seeds are not the only 2000 year old seeds from Israel.  In Sunday’s sermon you will learn of another 2000 year old seed.  For two centuries it has been growing and producing fruit.  This seed is all the more miraculous because it can be planted anytime, from the shivering cold of winter to the blistering hot of summer.  It does not have growing zones, and has proven it can produce fruit world wide. Some do not like the fruit of this seed and have done their best to eradicate it from the earth. But it continues to grow wherever it is planted. It is the miracle seed of the Gospel!!!

Read through Colossians 1:3-8 a few times and ponder the following:
1.  Paul was under house arrest in Rome, but there were two things they could not stop him from doing. What are they? See 1:3.
2.  Although Paul did a lot of planting (See 1 Corinthians 3:6), he did not plant the Gospel seeds in Colossae.  Who did? See Col 1:6.
3.  Epaphras, likely heard the Gospel from Paul in Ephesus as he taught in the School of Tyrannus over a two year period (Acts 19:8-20).  Then like a bird, Epaphras files a hundred miles to his home in Colossae and sows the seed and it bears fruit.
4.  In vv 4-5, take note of the three Christian graces, faith, love and hope.  They believed in Christ (faith) and loved each other (love, See John 13:35) and anticipated their reward (hope).
5.  Verse 6 is the basis for comments that this seed can grow anyplace and anytime.
6.  As I said in my opening remarks, many do not want this seed to grow and do all they can to keep it from being sown.  And that is the only way to prevent it’s spread, not sowing it.  Question:  Have you been planting this week?  it is too early for tomatoes but not the Truth.

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