5/14/17 – A Poem to The Prototokos

This Sunday we look at one of the great Christogical passages in all the Bible, Colossians 1:15-20.  Paul just prayed for these new believers to know the Will of God and to Walk with God, being Fruitful, Knowledgeable, Powerful and Thankful, Colossians 1:9-14.  As I pointed out last week, these new believers needed to know that there was a NEW WILL and a NEW WALK.  

That being said, their is a NEW WORSHIP, The Lord Jesus Christ.  Take a look at this great passage.  Most scholars think it was one of the first Christian poems or songs of the first century Church.  It has two stanzas:  15-17 and 18-20.  We know this because Paul uses the word “PROTOTOKOS” in 1:15 and 1:18.  This word means “first born.”  Look at verse 15 and 18.  The Lord Jesus is the first born of what in 15 and what in 18?  Now this does not mean that our Lord had a beginning as some cults teach,  (I will show you this Sunday) but rather that He was Supreme, Preeminent.  Note our poem first deals wth the NATURAL CREATION, the Cosmos, 15-17; and the SPIRITUAL CREATION, the Church, 18-20.

Paul wanted the church in Colossae and wants the church in Centennial to know that whatever the question Jesus Christ is the answer; whatever the problem He is the solution!

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