5/7/17 – How to Pray Like an Apostle

If you could pray like the Apostle Paul, would you?  I think most of us would love to be able to pray like an Apostle.  The reality is you can!  The prayers of the Apostle Paul are recorded in the New Testament.  One of those prayers is the focus of our time together in the Word this Sunday, Colossians 1:9-14.

Having just heard of the new church in Colossae, Paul prays.  In fact, he says “since the day we heard of it we have not ceased praying for you,” Colossians 1:9.  These were Christians, having heard of the free gift of salvation, were facing spiritual opposition and confusion about the Christian Life.  Paul knew if this church was to remain faithful they would need to know about God’s Will, their responsibility to Walk in this Will, and the Work of God that enabled them to do so.

This is a powerful prayer you should pray for yourself, your loved one and the rest of our our church everyday. I can promise you, God will answer this prayer if you will pray it.  I know this because everything in this prayer is God’s will for you, 1 John 5:14.  My goal this Sunday is to unpack the prayer in such a way that you will pray like an Apostle!  Imagine what would happen in our church if everyone was praying this prayer.

The next time someone asks you how to pray for you, tell them like an apostle!

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