7/9/17 – Salvation through self-denial

A very well know author and conference speaker made the following statement:

“Well, if you want to get a lot of fake Christians in your church, just tell them that there is this free gift that entails no self-sacrifice and that trouble and cross-bearing are only for those super saints who choose extra-large when they order their spiritual meal.  The truth, however, is no cross, no crown.  Jesus taught us that in this world you will have trouble. He told those who were considering following Him, ‘If anyone would come after Me, he must deny himself.”

This man was saying that it is wrong to tell people that everlasting life is a free gift that entails no self-sacrifice and no cross-bearing.  Stated positively, he was implying that everlasting life requires self-sacrifice, self denial, and cross-bearing.  If a person doesn’t follow Christ on the path of suffering, sacrifice and self-denial they will not spend eternity with Jesus.

Another well known pastor and teacher made the following statement:“If your faith is not producing something it is not real.”

If we are unwilling to deny ourselves and take up our cross, does this mean we are not really saved? If one were to die, not denying himself, or taking up his cross, would he be forever lost? Or could Jesus be speaking of another kind of salvation?

This Sunday you shall learn exactly what Jesus was teaching His disciples.  And the message is profoundly life changing.

Our teacher this week is a friend and fellow Dallas Seminary graduate, Dr Bob Wilkin.  Bob is the Founder and President of Grace Evangelical Society, author of many books and numerous articles.  We are pleased and honor to have Bob at Crosspoint.  Please bring a bring a friend and learn how to be a “Cross Bearer.”

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