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11/26/17 – In Whom Do We Trust?

Can our prayers change the course of history? If the answer is no, then asking God to do anything seems fairly pointless. But if the answer is yes, then prayer makes an incredibly significant difference. I wholeheartedly believe the answer is yes, and that the frequency and content of our prayers reveals more than anything else about where we place our trust. Hold that thought!

Psalm 3, has been called “The Morning Prayer Song” as it appears to have been written the morning after God granted sleep to David (verse 5). It is brief, but brimming with instruction and comfort.

The superscription identifies the song’s author as David, and the occasion as one of those dark times in the king’s life—when he was fleeing from his own son, Absalom. David’s life was in danger. His administration was fraught with disarray. There was nowhere to turn but to God; but that was solace enough.

We see in this psalm that David knows God’s heart is open to hear his prayer and answer, which brings me back to the thought I asked you to hold… “Can our prayers change the course of history?” This Sunday I will share why I believe we are at a critical point in history and why we should pray for Nine specific people… (Actually 10)

I am truly looking forward to giving you more details this Sunday morning at 10:00 am.

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