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11/12/17 – Grumbling is Anti-Praise

This week I begin a two week Thanksgiving Series.  This week I focus on the the CATASTROPHE OF COMPLAINING.  For many of us it comes as natural as breathing.  It is the FIRST RESPONDER to trial and tribulation.  Bosses complain about their employers. Employees complain about their bosses. Wives complain about their husbands.  Husbands complain about their wives.  Parents complain about their kids. Kids complain about their parents.  We complain about traffic, waiting in lines, (or on the golf course), our weight, our hair (or lack of) our clothes, our cars, our houses, our government.  Even church is not off limits.  The building is too hot, too cold.  The sermon is too long, too short (well maybe not too short).  But you get the idea.

Complaining will rob you of the joy and peace of Christ.  Good thing Paul tells us not to do it, how to avoid it and what happens once we stop it.  And this from a man writing from prison.  If anyone had a reason to complain, gripe or grumble he did.  But choose not to do so.  I think we can all learn something, myself included!~

So please join us with a friend!

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