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12/24/17 – Prince of Peace

We unwrap the fourth birth or coronation name of Jesus this Sunday.  Our first gift from The Father was The WONDERFUL COUNSELOR, this deals with the DECISIONS OF LIFE. Next we opened MIGHTY GOD, this deals with the DEMANDS OF LIFE.  Thirdly, THE EVERLASTING FATHER, this deals with the DIMENSIONS OF LIFE.  And finally, this Sunday I shall open THE PRINCE OF PEACE, which deals with the DISTURBANCES OF LIFE.  As Dr Warren Wiersbe said, “Every name He bears is a blessing He shares.”

Our world is is not overrun with peace.  Someone said, “Peace is that brief moment in time when warring armies pause to reload.”  Most nations experience little peace. Although not declared we have been at war in the Middle East for many years.  Most cities experience little peace. The murder rate in Chicago is astounding.  Most families experience little peace. Divorce, abandonment and bitterness grows.  And sadly most individuals experience little peace. As a pastor I regularly see, speak and hear of so many troubled souls. Whether it be on a national basis or a personal basis there is more hostility than tranquility.

The Jews, to whom Isaiah wrote, were not experiencing peace. They lived in “distress and darkness,” Isaiah 8:22.  But to these troubled souls and land, and to us, God promised a Son that would be called the Prince of Peace.

But what does it mean?  Well a Prince is a male ruler and son of a monarch.  Isaiah is promising a Prince that rules a Kingdom of Peace.

History is filled with princes who failed to fulfill their unique calling.  But as we shall see this Sunday, THE PRINCE OF PEACE will fulfill his calling.  I shall speak off four things:


Every world leader gives lip service to WORLD PEACE,  but there is only One Person who will bring PEACE ON EARTH.  He shall be the focus of our hearts and minds this Christmas Eve Service. Peace is available. “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, ad I will give you rest.”

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