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12/3/17 – Wonderful Counselor

Sunday begins our four week celebration of our Lord’s birth.  I begin a new Advent Series: UNWRAPPING THE NAMES OF CHRIST.  Over the next four Sundays, we examine the four Old Testament names of Jesus.  You find them in Isaiah 9:6.  He is WONDERFUL COUNSELOR, MIGHTY GOD, ETERNAL FATHER AND PRINCE OF PEACE.

Dr Warren Weirsbe tells us why we need to study the names of Jesus.  “Each name that He bears indicates a blessing that He shares, and we can appropriate these blessings by faith.”

This Sunday we unwrap WONDERFUL COUNSELOR.  When this was written the Jews were in dire straights.  King Uzziah is dead and King Ahaz was on the throne. Ahaz was a weak and idolatrous King.  Judah was threatened by Assyria.  The people consulted mediums and spiritist, rather than God Almighty, Isaiah 8:19.  In the midst of such “distress and darkness,” God reminds them of Messiah, Isaiah 9:1-7. They must return to Him, Isaiah 7:14

Today we live in then midsts of “distress and darkness.”  But to whom do you turn? Sunday I hope to persuade you to consult the WONDERFUL COUNSELOR.  He was the hope of Israel and He remains the only real hope in this world.

I encourage you to invite your family and friends to join us as we unpack the NAMES OF JESUS.

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