1/28/18 – Rescue 911

Have you ever needed rescuing? I have never called 911.  But I am glad there are trained men an women who are willing to rush to my aid if needed.

As most of you know, my son Austin is a Fireman-Paramedic with South Metro.  At his graduation from Fire Academy something his Fire Chief said struck me.  He told the cadets, to never forget they show up on more then likely “the worse day of a person’s life.”  Someone is hurting, dying or stranded and in need of rescue or assistance.  Have you ever considered what you would do if no one showed up on the worse day of your life?  None of us will ever forget the courage and selflessness of the First Responders on September the 11th.

But not only individuals need a rescue.  In the fall of 1983, a coup occurred on the Western Caribbean island of Grenada. Cuban-backed communists overthrew the government and installed a totalitarian dictatorship.

President Ronald Reagan quickly deployed a military rescue team and freed the nation.  The people quickly learned how precious freedom is and how quickly it can be lost.

A similar coup took place in Galatia.  Jewish believers, taught the Mosic Law was not only the Way to Salvation but the Way of Salvation, Acts 15:1,5.  Seeking to obey the OT Law Paul’s disciples. lost their freedom in Christ and became slaves to the Law.

They had “fallen from grace,” Galatians 5:4.  Someone called RESCUE 5646316.  (Note 5646=JOHN!)  Paul, with lights and sirens, races to the rescue penning Galatians.  And this Sunday we focus on the first five verses of his letter.

First, because the Judaizers attacked Paul the messenger, he pulls out his credentials in verse one. What “Agency” certified him?  Secondly, was Paul a one man show?  See verse two.

He reminds them, in spite of their lapse into Law, God remains the same.  What two gifts are mentioned in verse three?

What did Jesus Christ do in verse four, why did he do it? Rescuing Gentiles was not something Paul desired or dreamed up on his own.  Who wanted to do it?  Whose idea was it?  Also see verse four.

Finally, who gets the praise and glory when it is GRACE PERIOD?  See verse five.  If I, or you, do anything to gain or maintain Everlasting Life, can God get all the praise?

I am so pumped to begin a detailed and deep look at this amazing Epistle. I leave you with one final thought from Dr Max Anders.

“Because the message of Galatians frees Christians from the oppression of legalism, it has been called the ‘Magna Carta’ of Christianity. Martin Luther, the father of the Reformation, loved Galatians and considered it the best of all books. He even compared his love for this book with his love for his wife, Katherine. Luther said, “The epistle to the Galatians is my epistle. To it I am, as it were, in wedlock. It is my Katherine.”

I look forward to fellowship with you, our Lord and His Word this Sunday.



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