2/11/18 – The Destroyer

The Destroyer (according to MARVEL COMICS)  is an enchanted suit of armor forged by Odin, and when it first appeared it was hinted that the Destroyer had been created as a weapon to face some dark menace from the stars. It is first seen residing in the Temple of Darkness in Asgardian. The Destroyer is used by Thor’s arch-foe Loki on several occasions, and each time has actually come close to killing Thor.

But he was not the first.  Paul the Apostle was known to the early church as The Destroyer.  See Galatians 1:13 and 23.  If you were a Jewish believer, you feared the knock on the door in the middle of the night.  As scary as the Marvel’s Destroyer looked, Judaism’s Destroyer was far more menacing.  Check out Acts 22:4-5 and 26:10-11.  He was a terrifying nightmare bent on death and destruction.

But while on the road to road to Damascus, he ran into Someone.  Someone he thought was dead.  “A light from heaven flashed around him, “(Acts 9:3)  I wonder if there was not also a loud bang as thunder follows lighting.  Continue to read Luke’s account of Saul’s conversion.  And don’t stop before reading of the courage of Ananias beginning in verse 10.

You would have thought Paul would return to Jerusalem to those who sent him to persecute.  But he did not. He went to Arabia.  Yep Arabia, for three years!  Practically, he fell off the face of the earth.  Where in Arabia was he?  With whom did he stay?  Were any Arabs converted?  We shall have to wait until we meet Paul in Heaven to get the answers.

But eventually he resurfaced, travelled to Jerusalem, met with Peter and James, then headed out to Syria and Cilicia (Turkey and Lebanon).  Even though Paul left Judea, someone leaked his conversion.  The Destroyer was no more.  He had met The Redeemer.

This is a thrilling account of an unlikely convert.  And there is so much more in this passage to unpack.  But it will have to wait until this Sunday.

Besides this thrilling passage God will bless us with, the Youth will lead our remembrance of our Lord.

I so look forward to our fellowship together this Sunday.

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