2/18/18 – The Man Who Refused To Be Intimidated

I hope you see the DARKEST HOUR.  It is the story of Sir Winston Churchill during England’s darkest hour.  It takes place during May-June 1940.  William Manchester, in his masterpiece, The Last Lion, paints it this way. “The French had collapsed.  The Dutch had been overwhelmed.  The Belgians had surrendered.  The British army, trapped, fought free and fell back toward the Channel ports converging on a fishing town whose name was then spelled Dunkerque.”

“Beyond them lay the sea.”

“It was Englands greatest crises…”

He continues (with what I believe to be the greatest two pages of historical prose I have ever read) by describing the sort of leader who could face down this great evil.  He ends with these words, “In London there was such a man.”

Two thousand years ago there was another another evil spreading across the land.  More evil, more wicked, more malevolent then Hitler’s maniacal forces. It’s consequences were and are eternal.  It seeks the destruction of the Gospel of Grace.  It would require both Jew and Gentile, to continue observing Jewish rites, days and traditions resulting in bondage.

It would take a Jewish convert, with a head of a genius and  a heart for Gentiles, to secure our freedom.  In Antioch there was such a man!

Last week, Paul devastated the Judaizer’s charge that Paul’s Gospel was man-made, inferior to the giving of the Law.

This week Paul demonstrates the Gospel he preached was not inferior to the obsolete Old Covenant.  He goes to Jerusalem, and cuts the heart out of those wishing to mix law and grace.  As Hilter enslaved the masses so Judaizers wished to enslave the believer in Messiah.

Read through Galatians 2:1-10 several times before Sunday.  As you do consider the following:

1.  Paul was converted the summer of 35.  Jesus was crucified in 33.  This journey of Paul takes place how long after the resurrection?  Consider how quickly the Gospel can be corrupted!
2.  Paul speaks of a revelation in 2:2.  I believe this is found in Acts 11:27-30
3.  Paul points out if the Judaizers win the day, his work among Gentiles is all for nought, 2:2.  Why?
4.  Why did Paul take Titus with him.  Hint he was Greek.
5.  Note Galatians 5:1 in reference to 2:4.
6.  I love verse five!  It is the inspiration for the sermon title.  Paul did not bend even for an minute (hour).  Why?
7.  Verses 6-9 demonstrates it was the Judaizers, not Paul teaching a false Gospel. Remember both Paul. Peter, James and John all had the same teacher!  (Thank you my brother for this insight!)
8.  The”Pillars” (2:9) did not give Paul anything more of the Gospel then he already had. But they did give he and Barnabas what?
9.  Verse 10 some have thought out of place. As if the Holy Spirit could get addled!  But how does Acts 11:29-30 help us to understand the Pillars good-bye request?

I so look forward to our fellowship with each other, the Lord and His Word.  Remember the early church majored on the “Apostle Teaching,” Acts 2:42.

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