3/18/18 – A Promise You Can Count On

The words “I promise” can bring more hope or more disappointment then any other two words.  A promise is a declaration that something will or will not be done.  Think of all the people who made promises to you.  Now think of how many kept those promises.  Sadly our lives are littered with broken promises.

There is nothing wrong with a promise.  The problem is with the person.  A  promise is only as good as the person’s character or capacity.  Only a person with both the integrity and ability to fulfill a promise can be completely trusted.

Our passage Sunday focuses on a promise God made to Abraham and to his seed.  It is a promise YOU can count on FOREVER.  It is the promise of ETERNAL LIFE.

Satan hates this promise of LIFE.  After all, he comes only to steal, kill and destroy.  But Jesus came that we might have ETERNAL LIFE, John 10:10.

“The Law’s inability to give life is the thrust of what Paul says about the Law in Galatians.  The Law cannot do the most important thing:  make us alive!  Only the Father, who gave life to his Son by raising him from the dead, can give us life through the presence of his Holy Spirit, the kind of life we need to live the new life God desire for us.” (Todd Wilson)

In Paul’s day there were Jewish believers confusing, co-opting and corrupting the promise of Life with the works of the Law

This Sunday, Paul blows up their arguments. They taught the promise to Abraham was invalidated by the Mosaic Law.  They taught unless you walk the walk and talk the talk (i.e. observe the Law of Moses along with believing in Christ) you are not saved.  They like many today, taught ETERNAL LIFE was not just PROMISED BASED BUT PERFORMANCE BASED.

Sadly today many today, think God requires us to do something rather than to believe in Someone.  How do you know if you are doing the right things?  How do you know if you are doing enough of the right things?  You don’t until you die and then it’s too late!

Two thousand years ago Paul reminded the Galatians of a Promise they could count on – FOREVER!  It is one that you I and can also count on forever.  It is the PROMISE given to Abraham. It is the PROMISE OF ETERNAL LIFE.  This is our hope, and it is a promise you can count on!

I look forward to our fellowship with each other, our Lord and His Word this Sunday.

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