3/4/18 – Wrong Way Roy

In the 1929 Rose Bowl, Georgia Tech was playing the University of California when the ball popped out of the hands of a Georgia Tech back. Roy Riegels, the University of California center, scooped it up and cut across the field. Then, finding himself hemmed in, he reversed his field. It was at this point that Riegels lost his bearings and began to run down field in the wrong direction. He broke loose, dashing toward the wrong end zone. Seventy thousand fans watched Reigels dumbfounded as Graham McNamee, the radio announcer, shouted into the microphone as Riegels crossed the 50-yard line: “What’s the matter with me? Am I crazy?”

The crowd shouted at Riegels in vain attempt to turn him around. His teammate, Benny Lom, pursued Roy downfield, screaming at him from behind to turn back. Finally Lom was forced to tackle his own teammate one yard short of scoring for the other team. When the University of California team attempted to kick out of their own end zone, it was Riegels who centered the ball. The kick was blocked by Georgia Tech and rolled out of the end zone—a safety. That safety won the game for Georgia Tech, by a score of 8-7.

In the scheme of eternity, running a football in the wrong direction is inconsequential.  But running the Gospel in the wrong direction is monumental.

The Galatians were running the wrong way.  Paul put them on the right track now they were on the back track. One does not win races by running backwards, be it a foot race or a faith race!

In Sunday’s passage Paul is like Graham McNamee and yelling,  “What’s the matter with me?  Am I crazy?”  Actually he thinks the Galatians are crazy, (Galatians 3:1).

This begins the  second major division of Galatians, Paul is DEFENDING THE SUPERIORITY OF THE GOSPEL, 3:1-4:31.  

In chapter three he Paul uses six arguments proving justification by faith is superior to the Law.  This Sunday we look at the first three:


One well known Bible teacher says, “In Christian circles, legalism (running the wrong way) frequency springs from dark alleys like a thief, seeking to rob believers of two priceless doctrines:  justification and sanctification.”  Remember Satan can never stop the flow of grace into the hearts of men and women.  But he an pollute it upstream with legalism.

This Sunday, Lord willing, I will show you three arguments Paul uses to keep your from running the wrong way.

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