4/15/18 – Don’t Be A Baby

There is nothing so precious and cute as a baby.  Conversely there is nothing so unappealing and unpleasant as an adult acting like a baby.  We might tell then to “Grow up, put your big boy pants on.”  

But it is far worse when believers act like babies and refuse to grow up by not taking the promises of God seriously.

The Church in Galatia, having believed in Christ for Eternal Life, were not maturing in Christ.  They were “immaturing”  trying to live by the Law of Moses.  The Judaizers did not want “groad up believers.”

Babies have very little freedom.  Parents chose and order everything for them.  “Yes, strained peas are really good for you!  Now open up wide.”  

Parents feed their babies, clothe their babies, carry their babies, change their babies and tuck them in at night.  And that is what good parents should do.  But how tragic for a child when a parent continues exerting absolute control, forbidding choice as the child grows older.  This cripples a baby spiritually, morally, emotionally, and physically.

At some point healthy parents must begin to release and relinquish control.  (Actually parents have no choice.  Kids will rebel and take it for themselves.)

It is unthinkable that any parent would try to confine an adult son or daughter and feed them strained green peas.  But how disgusting it would be if the son or daughter allowed them to do so.

But that is exactly what was happening in Galatian.  Judaizers were telling believers to go back to the Law.  Paul would have none of it.  And he points out to them in Sunday’s passage why neither Jewish or Gentile believer should try to live by the Law of Moses. In these seven verses, Paul tells all why this is a very bad idea.

Remember the Christian is free from the law in its entirety for both justification (Gal 2:16) and sanctification (Gal 5:18).

See you Sunday!

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