4/22/18 – Destruction and Restoration of Israel

We are pleased to have Dr. Fruchtenbaum speak this Sunday at Crosspoint.  He is Founder and Director of Ariel Ministries whose emphasis is the evangelism and discipleship of Jewish people, with a heavy emphasis on Bible theology and doctrine.

I have greatly benefited from the writings and teaching ministry of Arnold.  Being Jewish and Dispensational he brings keen insights into God’s Word.  You are in for a spiritual treat!

I have asked him to speak on two things:  the destruction of Israel and the restoration of Israel.  Sadly, many today teach God is done with the Jews, or at best, they only have a marginal role in the future.  This is the teaching REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY or so-called KINGDOM THEOLOGY.

But the Bible is clear, God is not done with the Jews. Yes, Israel was destroyed in 70 AD.  This does not mean God is done with the Jews.  One has to disregard Romans 11, to conclude this. It follows, if God still has a plan for Israel, we better be on the blessing, not the cursing side of the Jews!

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