4/29/18 – Paul Goes Pastoral

This Sunday and the following Sunday Paul concludes his defense of the Gospel of Grace. Paul’s position was the Christian is free from the law in its entirety for both justification (Gal 2:16) and for Sanctification (Gal 5:18).  Paul’s opponents required works to either get saved or to stay saved. He argues against this three ways: LOGICAL (8-11); PERSONAL, (12-20); and finally, HISTORICAL, (21-31).  In these three arguments you see the pastoral side of Paul.

First, he gets LOGICAL.  Concluding the first argument Paul fears he might have labored in vain over them.  Question:  since they were not being disciples does this mean they were not Christians?  Some today, espouse that, speaking of of Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10), one well-known Bible teacher said, “Christ will not give it to one whose hands are filled with other things.  Those who are not willing to turn from sins, possessions, false religion, or selfishness will find they cannot turn to Christ in faith.”

Next, Paul gets PERSONAL (12-20) and on his knees!  “I beg of you” he says.  The Gentiles were acting  like Jews, and the Jew Paul begs them to become like him. He goes on to expose the motives of the legalist. Finally he throws up his hands and says he is “perplexed about you.”  Candidly, no one has ever pastored and not felt this about individuals in the flock.  Just saying….

See you Sunday!

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