6/10/18 – The Enemy Within

Last week, Paul warned us against a Spiritual Zombie Apocalypse. Unless believers through love serve one another, they will bite, devour and consume one another. This week we see how to avoid a SPIRITUAL ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!

My teaching title comes from 1966 episode of Star Trek by the same name.  It was one of my favorites.  The Transporter became contaminated by a strange magnetic yellow ore from a visited planet.  Captain Kirk is beamed up and gets scrambled.  The first Kirk has all the positive qualities of the Captain.  Moments later, after everyone has left the Transporter Room, Kirk’s evil twin materializes.

All of us have an evil twin within called the “flesh.”  it is the propensity to live a selfish and sinful life.  I have it you have it, all God’s children have it.

The Bible calls it the “flesh” or our old fallen propensity to sin and selfishness.  This propensity only wants to consume and control, destroy and dine on other church members.  This Spiritual Zombie Apocalypse had broken out in the Galatian churches.

Take a few moments and read the deadly effects of the flesh in Galatians 5:19-21. How many times have you been guilty of one of these? Now read Galatians 5:22-23. Every one of the evil traits is counteracted by fruit of the Spirit.  There is a way to deal with the enemy within.

Kirk had no control of the evil within. But you do have choice.  

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