7/15/18 – Letters From Heaven


This Sunday, I begin a new series: Letters from Heaven, based upon the seven letters Jesus sent to seven churches in Turkey.  But this Sunday I want you to meet John The Revealer, (aka John the Apostle).

It is a sanctified guess, but I place him in his mid-teens when he left his nets to fish for men, Matthew 4:21-22.  He along with Peter and James, saw and heard things none of the other Apostles witnessed.  They alone watched Messiah raise a little girl from the dead, Mark 5:37-42.  They alone had front row seats to the Transfiguration, Matthew 17:1-2.  And as one commentator said, this closeness to Christ, may have motivated them to try and  schmooze the best seats in glory, Mark 10:35-37.  They got private audiences with the our Lord, Mark 13:3.  And it was these men, who a burdened Jesus asked to keep watch and pray with Him in Gethsemane, Mark 14:33-34.

It was John, Jesus entrusted His mother to while bleeding and suffering on a cross, John 19:26-27.  It was John who first grasped and believed the Resurrection.  And it was John who would write the only book in the Bible for unbelievers, John 20:30-31.  What a incredible chair he had to the God’s Plan of Redemption.  But God had one more thing for John to do.

He is now an old man, living on the Island of Patmos, a small isolated Greek Island in the Aegean Sea. The Emperor exiled Him.  As was his custom, Sundays were devoted to worshipping His Lord.  (I am glad he did not sleep in that Sunday!  Arn’t you?)  As He slowly arose, walking to an isolated cave, which had become his chapel, his thoughts turned to the churches in Turkey, where he used to minster.  Most of them were not doing well.  Their love for Jesus was waning, they were persecuted and poor, some were embracing heresy, some had become immoral, and were weak and dying, many were lukewarm disciples.  So he began to pray  for them. God broke into his prayers with an overwhelming Vision of Christ and future events to come. You see this book is not only prophetical but immediately practical.

At this time it is not my plan to not teach the whole book of Revelation, but the first three chapters.  Hence the sermon series title:  Letters from Heaven.  These seven letters were not only timely for the seven churches addressed but are timeless in their teaching.  They contain things churches and Christians living at any time and any place to to hear and heed!

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