8/12/18 – Satan in the City

Compromise can be a good thing, especially in interpersonal relationships.  But when it comes to doctrinal, biblical or moral issues it is not so good.  It is one of Satan’s most powerful and effective weapons against the church. He cannot conquer the church (Matthew 16:18), but he can corrupt it through compromise. It is a tried and true method.  And he has spent centuries perfecting the art of compromise.  Church everywhere are under the pressure to compromise.

So far we have looked at two of the churches in Revelation.  The first was Ephesus, the UNLOVING Church.  The second, Smyrna was the SUFFERING Church.  This Sunday we visit the city of Pergamum, and the COMPROMISING Church.

Our passage follows the same format as the other LETTERS FROM HEAVEN in Revelation 2-3.

What characteristic of our Christ is noted here?  What might it refer to?

Neighbors make or break a neighborhood.  Who was living here?

CRITICISM, 2:14-15
Satan used two false teachings to compromise the church in Pergamum.  What are they?

He tells them to do what.  Note not all of the church was infected with compromise.  The “them” of 2:16 is the  two “some who’s” of 14-15.

There are three things promised to some Christians here.  Who gets these three gifts?  Are you one of them?

See you Sunday!

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