8/19/18 – Jezebel, Ma Belle

Can you  imagine parents naming their little girl Jezebel?  I hope not!  Can you imagine marrying a woman with the name Jezebel.  I can not.  I am guessing the odds of marital bliss are low.

But in Sunday’s passage we meet a woman that John calls Jezebel. (I do not think that was her real name but rather represented her character.  To see the template for this Jezebel turn to 1 Kings 16:30-33; 21:25-26.)

She is called the woman or wife of the angel of the church of Thyatira.  It is my position the angels (the word is messenger) were not  big winged white clad spiritual beings.  Rather the “angels” are the pastors or teaching elders of each church.  Therefore, it is most likely that Jezebel was the married to the pastor!  More on this Sunday.

Our passage follows the same format as the other LETTERS FROM HEAVEN in Revelation 2-3.

There is a designation, and a two-fold description of our Lord.

There is a five-fold compliment for this church.

CRITICISM, 2:20-23
But this little church had a big problem they were too tolerant.  The were tolerating the teaching of Jezebel. In verse 20 John says I have “this against you.”  The you is singular.  He is talking to the pastor about his wife.  Her tolerance had spread to much of the church.  She did not want to be known as the “pastor’s wife,” this was not enough.  She called herself a prophetess and she was not silent.  She was a teacher in the church.  Her teaching was dynamic. It was life changing. But not in a good way.

Note that she is given time to repent.  This means she was a believer!  Elsewhere in the letters of Revelation repentance is always to believers to change their behavior.  But although God gave her plenty of time she refused to humble herself and repent of her sins.  (Could this have been because the church was so tolerant?

But there are always consequences of behavior and sin.  She was about to experience it and those who tolerated and followed her as well.  God never takes lightly to someone changing his message.

COMMAND, 2:24-25
Not everyone was drinking her cool-aid.  To these our Lord told them to do what?

To those who overcome, faithful disciples, there is a little something something waiting for them in Heaven.

See you on Sunday!

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