10/28/18 – Brook Camp

Having not served in our Armed Forces, I never experienced the joys of Boot Camp.  One proud retired Marine described Boot Camp this way:

“There we stood, an unorganized, ragtag bunch of seventy or so young men of every conceivable size and background, thrown together in a strange place, having no idea (thankfully) what was ahead of us.  During the month that followed, every shred of self-sufficient arrogance, every hint of independent spirit, and all thought of rebellion was scraped away.  An indifference toward authority was replaced by a firm commitment to do only as we were told, regardless.  We learned to survive in the crucible of intense, extreme training that has characterized the Marine Corp throughout it’s proud and proven history.”

Elijah is about to embark on Brook Camp, or BST, or Basic Spiritual Training.  It lasts for three years.  He learns to trust his Leader or Yahweh.  Little did he know at the end of this training he would fight the fiery Battle of The Baal.  But first he must learn one of the foundational principles in the Bible.  The Principle of Provision. Our focus this Sunday walks you through this principle.

If you understand it and apply it daily to your life, you will become a Soldier of Light, a formidable fighter in the Spiritual realm.

See you Sunday!

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