11/18/18 – Cleaning House

Growing up in East Texas on Saturday mornings my grandmother would awaken me very early to clean her house. Even now, I hear her saying, “Look how you messy you have gotten this house, my house isn’t supposed to look like this!

This week at Crosspoint Community Church we will hear a message from a familiar passage of scripture where Jesus enters the temple and becomes angry at what God’s people have allowed His Father’s dwelling place to become. Just like my grandmother didn’t like what I turned her house into as a result of my messiness, neither did Jesus like what God’s people had turned His Father’s house into. I would love to share more with you, but to hear the rest please be in attendance to hear our guest speaker, Dr. Paul Pettit expound on Cleaning House. 

As we approach our time together in corporate worship, please read the passage of scripture and while reading, ponder these questions:

  • As disciples of Christ, how productive are you for Him?
  • Where in your life does God need to perform some deep cleaning?
  • How do you promote the corporate worship of our gracious God when gathering together with one another

See you Sunday!

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