11/25/18 – When Jesus is in Authority

Authority is often a double-edged sword. We need it in our lives, but we do not want it to encroach upon on our liberties. We are especially reluctant to submit to authority with anyone we do not trust. However, certain situations in which we find ourselves, require someone with authority who can bring about solutions that will resolve our issue.

As a result of God’s grace, we have liberty in Christ which allows us to grow and mature as believers. With that said, there are times when His authoritative intervention is needed in our lives.

Prior to our time of corporate worship please read through Luke 8:26-39 and think about the questions below.

  • How much of a priority do you consider your spiritual condition?
  • Through God’s word, do you allow Jesus to be authoritative in your life?
  • Are you actively sharing your faith with others?

See you Sunday!

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