12/2/18 – The Big Reveal

A Gender Reveal Party, is much like a Baby Shower, minus the cheesy games.  YouTube searches report there are more than 500,000 videos of expectant couples slicing cakes, setting off smoke bombs, bashing pinatas, to expose one of two colors: pink or blue.  Pink indicating a girl and blue a boy.

They sound like fun, but things can go awry and then they become hilarious, as YouTube shows.

Cynthia and I did not throw a Gender Reveal party.  But we did have an ultra-sound, confirming to us, we should paint the room blue.

This Sunday we look at the first of two Gender Reveal Parties (albeit small and private ones) found in the the first chapter of Luke. They involve two couples.  What makes them unique is at the time of the “reveal” neither couple had conceived!  You might call them “Pre-Conception Gender ReveaL Parties”. The children of these two couples were one-of-a kind kids.  The first, John the Baptist was the Greater-Man, (Matthew 11:11).  The second, Jesus was the God-Man.  Due to their unique situations, (one couple decades past childbearing age and the other not yet married) there must have been a mash up of emotions.  One Bible Commentator is insightful describing it.

“Two couples looked forward to the birth of their first child. Each couple had the normal feelings of fear, awe, inadequacy, and overwhelming joy…. These two Bible couples had even more reason for the great mixture of contradictory feelings. The sons they expected were the two most important children ever born on this planet. Their intertwined ministries would change the world forever. Through the life and death of these two babies, God would act to redeem a lost world. What a responsibility for the expectant parents! The way they responded gives good news to us, not only as expectant (grand) parents but as people who need redemption. Because these two couples proved true to God’s commission and performed their role as parents in exemplary fashion, every person in the world can find salvation from sin, eternal life, and unequalled joy.” (Holman Bible Commentary)

This Sunday as we look at the first of two Gender Reveal parties.  You will learn:

•God is never in a hurry but always on time.
•God is not limited by our situations or short comings.
•God holds us accountable as to how we respond to His Word.
•John the Baptist is the vital and irreplaceable link or bridge between the Old and New Testament.
•There had to be a John before there was a Jesus.
•Christmas is the celebration of Joy and Gladness.

See you Sunday!

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