12/23/18 – Christmas: It’s All About The Jews

This Sunday is going to be fun!  Besides, singing Carols, delighting in the Children’s Bell Choir, and enjoying Crosspoint’s first Adult Choir, we will play Bible Detective.  Our goal is to find out the original meaning of Christmas.  

But to get to the original meaning of Christmas (And it is very Jewish!) we must first deal with some long held, well-entrenched myths.  These include, when the wise men visited Jesus.  They never met the shepherds.  How many wise men were there?  I know you are thinking three. You might very well be wrong.  What was  the light they followed.  Some have said a star, a comet or a planetary alignment.  All are wrong answers. 

In order to get to the original meaning of Christmas, we must heed the words of the world’s greatest detective, Mr Sherlock Holmes.  To Watson he said, “Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be true. (By the way that is a good principle for Bible Study as well.)

See you Sunday!

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