12/9/18 – No Little People!

“Without a doubt we could spend our lives searching the literature of the world for a story as beautiful as that of the Nativity and never find it.”  So says R. Kent Hughes.  He is right.

This week we follow up the Announcement of John the Greater Man, to the Announcement of Jesus, The God-Man.

Our passage Luke 1:26-37 takes place six months after Zacharias’ incident in the Temple.  John would be  the Forerunner.  Jesus would be the Author, Hebrews 12:2.  We will move from the Temple to back country home, from Jerusalem to Nazareth.

This where the story gets weird.  No one would have expected Messiah, David’s greater son, to be born in Nazareth.  It was a small village of 2000 residents.  It was in Galilee. It was a town of low reputation.  (See Nathaniel’s evaluation of Nazarenes, John 1:46.)

But not only was the place of no consequence, the person to whom the angel appeared was a peasant.  Of her one Bible teacher said, “From all indicators, her life would not be extraordinary.  She would marry humbly, give birth to numerous poor children, never travel farther than a few miles from home, and one day die like thousands of other before her — a nobody in a nothing town in the middle of nowhere.

What could possibly change the trajectory of Miriam’s (Mary) life?  In one word, GRACE.  She was graced out by the God of all graces. (But make no mistake while she was the recipient of Grace, she was and will never be the bestower of Grace.)

This Grace to Mary, will provide the basis for His Grace towards us.

In our second Christmas message we see in, in the words of Dr Francis Shaffer, “There are no little people.”

See you Sunday!

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