1/13/19 – Crisis On The Northern Border

There is much talk today about a crises on our Southern Border.  But take heart, that is NOT the subject of my sermon this Sunday.  I wish to take you back in time (about 3000 years) and to another country (Samaria) experiencing a crises on the Northern Border.  

A crises is a time of intense difficulty or danger, and a time when a difficult or dangerous decision must be made.  In Sunday’s passage there is a national crisis which leads to several personal crises.  

The late Billy Graham, said, “The modern world is said to have made discipleship harder.  But it has also made evangelism easier.  Today’s world is said to be multiplying crises all around us.  But we must never forget that, for the gospel, each crisis is an opportunity.”

If you read through 1 Kings 18:1-14, you see there was famine in the land was severe.  This produces a personal crisis for the prophet Elijah, King Ahab, and the servant Obadiah.  In any crisis you have a choice to make.  You cannot remain idle, stay static or ignore it. (I believe ignoring comes from ignorant!)  Crises do not go away.  And that, is a good thing.  For with every crisis, there is an opportunity.

Each and everyone of you have had a crisis, are in a crisis, or in the future will experience a crisis.  Sunday’s teaching shows how to navigate the crises of life.  And I want you to know how to as well.

I look forward to seeing everyone Sunday!

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