1/20/19 – Just Add Water!

Just add water and you get” delicious” freeze dried meals, Super Hero figures expand 600%, Chia Presidents and those adorable little Sea-Monkeys. 

Water is a staple of life.  But it is very poor kindling for a fire  unless you know God is going to strike the match.  It is also an incredible waste of water during a drought, unless you know God is going to turn on the sprinklers.

Our focus this Sunday is one of the most famous stories in the Bible, The Smackdown at the Mt Carmel Corral. In 1 Kings 18:16-46 you will see the prophet Elijah, who pushes all his chips on the table, betting on God, not Baal.  You will find a man with great conviction, willing to wager on a God of Power and Might. You will see other prophets who cannot make Baal.  You will see a man sold out, all in, super charged, with a pedal to the metal message. 

Many Christians today, are intimidated, shamed and silenced, cowed and collared in the cause of Christ, and the Truth of the Bible.  Elijah demonstrates, as Professor Hendricks noted, you plus God is a distinct majority. We need more Elijah’s today to boldly and vocally call out our culture.  So I invite you to observe join me Sunday and learn from one of the greats of the Bible.

•Before the toss of the coin, Ahab began smack talking, v. 17.
•Elijah smacks back, v.18
•Notice, Elijah was the visiting “team” v.20.
•Now Elijah is smack talking the spectators, v.21
•The winner is determined not by points but pyrotechnics. v24.
•Elijah defers to the home team.  They get the ball first. v.25
•When they cannot score.  He ups the smack talk, v. 27.
•Now it is God and Elijah’s turn. Just to prove the game plan God sent in was superior, what does he do? vv. 33-35.
•Before he runs out on the field, he has a final chat with “Coach.”  vv. 36-37.
•Score! v. 38.
•Now the wave goes up, v. 39
•And the sword comes down. v. 40
•Now team plane for Elijah.  Run Eli, run!!!  vv 41-46.

This is a wonderful, extra-ordinary, supernatural spiritual smack down on the mountain.

I look forward to learning with you this Sunday at Crosspoint. 

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