3/17/19 – The Menace Of A Man

In 1974 Dallas Theological Seminary professor Dr Gene Getz, wrote a wonderful book,THE MEASURE OF A MAN. He took the traits of biblical leadership (1 Timothy 3:1-13; Titus 1:6-9) as the standard of masculinity.  

But today, traditional masculinity is a problem.  “Toxic masculinity” is now a buzzword for all that ails society.  The American Psychological Association defines traditional masculinity as “anti-femininity, achievement, eschewal of the appearance of weakness and adventure, risk and violence.”

Yet when the church of Crete was in serious spiritual decline, the apostle Paul sent a man, to raise up men, to restore and lead these island churches back to biblical standards.  And in so doing, he gives us the qualities of biblical manhood.  As John Stonestreet says, “To be a man doesn’t always mean being a tough guy, though that can come in handy. But it does mean protecting, loving, leading, fellowshipping with God, and cultivating our garden as Adam was to cultivate his. Masculinity reaches its pinnacle in Christ, who far from being a man of violence, laid down His life for His beloved, and invites all men to do the same.”  In other words it is not TOXIC, IT IS THERAPEUTIC!  It heals homes, churches and society.

If the church is to fulfill her mission* it will need men who aspire to the biblical measure of a man.  And that will be the focus of our fellowship in the Word this Lord’s Day.

If you are a man, you will learn what you should strive for.  If you are a woman, you will learn what you should pray for.  And forgive me for sounding so binary!

See you Sunday!

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