3/24/19 – Upset Saints!

Have you ever had an upset stomach?  Sure you have.  Hopefully it was short lived.  Often times it is the result of eating something that did not “agree with your stomach.”  We call this food poisoning.  Thankfully once you have “cycled” through the offending food, you are fine.

But did you know your soul can be poisoned?  It can.  If bad food upsets the stomach, then bad (spiritual) food can upset the saints.  This is what was going on in Crete.  People were feeding the flock bad food (doctrine) and it was upsetting the saints, Titus 1:11.  Paul commissions Titus to clean up the food.

Apostles will not tolerate the poisoning of souls.  Titus had to deal with these unhygienic practices.  He said close them down, they “must be silenced”, Titus 1:11.  He also told them if they wished to reopen, they must clean up their act, “rebuke them severely,” Titus 1:13.

His final words on this health inspection was they were “detestable,” “disobedient,” “worthless for any good deed.”  Strong words for a serious problem!  The churches in Crete received a failing report. They do not seem like a place anyone would want to eat.

Sadly today, like then, we must be careful where we eat, lest we become upset saints!  But in Sunday’s passage you will see why you must seek,  healthy food for your soul.  If not prepare to be an upset saint.

Looking forward to seeing everyone Sunday!

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