3/3/19 – Faith Franchise

In a few years, the Apostle Paul would be martyred.  Currently he is imprisoned in Rome where he will soon die.  His ministry will only continue if He can successfully “franchise” the Faith.  But opening and maintaining a successful franchise takes incredible work.  It is especially difficult if the franchise is a spiritual one and not a financial one.  The “spiritual franchises” we call a local church.

This Sunday we begin a new series on the book of Titus.  Titus is the franchisee. The good news and bad news is he is not starting from scratch.  There were believers on the island of Crete.  Most likely they heard the Message of Life during Pentecost in Jerusalem, Acts 2:11.  Upon returning from Jerusalem, these Messianic Jews began assembling and worshipping Yeshua.  

The believers on Crete while genuinely saved but lacked Biblical knowledge, being on a remote island.  Paul directed Titus to “set in order what remains and appoint elders in every city, Titus 1:5.  The root word for “set in order” is, “othos” meaning to straighten.  Titus was the appointed spiritual orthopedic surgeon.  Of him J. A. McClymont said, “Judging from the allusions to Titus in Paul’s epistles he seems to have been the ablest and most reliable of all the friends and coadjutors whom the apostle had about him in his later years.  As an uncircumcised Gentile who had been converted by Paul, he represented in his own person the breadth and freedom of the Gospel, for which the apostle had so zealously and successfully contended.

Titus was Paul’s man in Crete and the book written to him is as inspired and invaluable today to you as it was when written.  

This Sunday we shall take a 30,000 foot overview of the book.

See you Sunday!

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