4/28/19 – Dual Citizenship

“Planet Earth is home to two very real worlds.  We inhabit a tangible, visible world, which we experience through the senses and measure in units of space and time.  We also inhabit an intangible world, eternal world — invisible, yet just as real.  All of God’s people share a dual citizenship in these realms, yet many lose sight of the supernatural world, perhaps blinded by temporal concerns or enslaved by the tyranny of the urgent.  Author William Irwin Thompson likened such people to flies crawling across the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, blissfully unaware of the magnificent shapes and forms and colors that lie above them (or beneath them, as it were).  Not only do they fail to appreciate the magnificence of the world they inhabit, they lack the capacity to recognize their own blindness.”
-Charles Swindoll

Believers are supposed to see the unseen, Hebrews 11:1, 13, 27.  But we must also help those who have not believed see the unseen.  We must be Grace Guides for those around us.  In Sunday’s passage, Paul reminds believers in Crete of this responsibility.  And, it reminds us of the immense responsibility we have.

How we do it? It is by our conduct!  Take a minute and read Titus 1:1-3.  He tells Titus to REMIND them of something, 3:1a; secondly to REVEAL something, 3:1b-2; and finally to REMEMBER something, 3:3.

See you Sunday!

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