5/19/19 – GRACE: God’s Credit, Our Blessing

I believe religion was invented by men to control the masses.  All world religions have one thing in common: works.  They all say you must do something to gain the favor of God.  And if you do enough then God will do you a solid in the next life.  There are two problems with this, (1) They all tell you to do something different; and, (2) How do you know if you have done them well enough.  Religion has damned more people to Hell than any other thing in the world.

Secondly, I believe Christianity is not a religion.  It is not a system a man or woman would ever dream up, or invent.  Why?  Because, unlike any man made religion of works, Christianity is of Grace.  No human would ever come up with a religion saying God, regardless of your merit or lack of merit, loves and forgives you.  This is only found in within the pages of the Bible.

Charles Swindoll a champion of free grace said, “To show grace is to extend favor or kindness to one who doesn’t deserve it and can never earn it.”  Let that sink deep into your soul. God has shown mankind favor, and there is nothing we can ever do to deserve it or earn it.  This means no matter how well or how poorly you do at living the Christian life, you will never loose the favor of God.  No human would ever dream up such a system, only God.

This also means if you are willing to give God all the credit, then you will get all the blessing!

See you Sunday!

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