5/26/19 – Learning God or Behaving Badly

I will conclude the book of Titus this Sunday.

Paul wraps up this little Epistle with two very big admonitions. The first mentioned twice, believers must be careful to “be careful to engage in good deeds” and they must “learn to engage in good deeds.”  Secondly they must avoid things “unprofitable and worthless.”

Each of us must daily choose one or the other behaviors.  Good deeds are not worthless or unprofitable.  God will bless and reward such behavior, because they result in the blessing of God.

Church people who learn good behavior bless the church.  Church people who do bad deeds (notice this is a natural behavior and does not have to be learned) hurt the church in this life 3:9-11), and loose reward in the life to come.  Like small children, we must learn good behavior and avoid bad behavior.

I look forward to seeing everyone again this Sunday.

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