6/2/19 – AERIAL Old Testament

The Smithsonian produces a show called Aerial American. I find it fascinating and riveting.  They take you up in the airplane or drone, to view things we mostly see from down on the ground.  You gain a different perspective, seeing how the land flows and forms itself from mountains to plains.

Seeing things from the air gives you the “lay of the land.”  If you were going to hike (why would I right?) you would a benefit from an aerial perspective directing your steps.

Perspective is invaluable to navigating the land.  But it is also invaluable to navigating the Bible.  Perspective keeps you from getting lost in the sometimes difficult terrain of the Bible.

In Bible Study, we call this perspective the structure of the Bible.

One gifted Bible teacher puts his initial struggle to understand the Bible apart from perspective this way.

“Many years ago, I decided I was going to master the Bible.  I was going to begin with Genesis and read through Revelation, and I wasn’t going to put it down until I understood it.  I soon became hopelessly entangled in a jungle of fantastic stories, unpronounceable names, broken plots, unanswered questions and endless genealogies.  I stubbed my toe on Leviticus, sprained my ankle on Job, hit my head on Ecclesiastes, and fell headlong into the mud of Habakkuk.” (Max Anders)

Well this Sunday I want to give you the AERIAL view of the Old Testament.  I want you to gain perspective. I want you to understand the lay of the Book.  You will learn the major divisions of the Bible, the key players, and the essential themes.  And my goal is to do it in 45 minutes!  So start praying now, get ready to have a blast, and plan on enjoying the Old Testament in a new and enjoyable way.

I look forward to seeing everyone again Sunday as we worship our Great God, and learn from His good word.

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