6/9/19 – Soaked!

The Greek word for baptism is “baptisma.”  Most of the times it is transliterated (write or print a word using the closest corresponding letters of a different alphabet or language).  It carries the idea of identification.  If you translated it, you could use immersion, soaking, or submersion.

When you think of baptism you probably think of the ordinance of water baptism.  (Note I called this an ordinance and not a sacrament.)  The two words are not interchangeable.  They mean two entirely different things. In case you are wondering, I will tell you Sunday!

There are two different kinds of baptism:  Real and Ritual.  “In ritual baptism, a person is identified with something (e.g., water), but the event itself is only a rite….  In contrast, there are baptisms presented in the NT where a person is identified with something or someone and the identification is real.  It is not a ritual, rather it is attached to a real person or event.”  (Brad Doskocil, Is Our Understanding of Baptism All Wet?). You will learn examples of both  this Sunday.

But what is the purpose of Baptism and why do we observe it?  I will also answer these questions Sunday as well.

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