6/30/19 – It’s A Jungle Out There!

How to Survive the Jungle

As you can see from the picture above, our church has been transformed into a jungle for Vacation Bible School.  Forty-Seven kids are enrolled this year!  Our safari leader Eunice and her able bodied volunteers  have done an incredible job.  Our kids are encountering elephants and egrets, polar bears and penguins, and cockatoos and crocodiles. But more importantly, every night they encounter Jesus!

My message this Sunday stays with the jungle theme.  I have never been in a jungle.  The closest I’ve been to a jungle was watching black and white Tarzan movies on Saturday morning as a kid.  (I also read Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad in college.)

All the jungle decorations made me think of how dangerous the jungle really is.  People get lost and never found in the jungle.  So the A.D.D. kicked in, and I did some research on how to survive being lost in the jungle.  According to many survivalist there are four things you must do based on the acronym S.T.O.P.  First SIT.  Unless it is dangerous quit moving and sit down.  I think this is like the old axion:  if you find yourself in a holes stop digging.  Next, THINK.  Assess your choices and the tools and resources you have.  Third, OBSERVE.  Take the surroundings into account, because this will affect what comes next.  And finally, PLAN.  Base upon the first three things, make an overall plan.  Then make some immediate decisions and get going.

Life is a jungle.  And I find these four steps, give us a way to survive the Jungle of Life.  Both believers and unbelievers can get lost in the jungle of life.  Are you prepared to survive?  This Sunday you will learn four practical ways to do so.

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