7/14/19 – Majesty, Frailty, Dignity

Psalm 8 is a song of praise.  It is the only Psalm in the collection (There are five books of Psalms.) addressed entirely to God.  My mentor in seminary Dr Hugh Ross, calls it a “lyric echo of Genesis 1.”

Take a moment and look at the obvious structure.  Verses 1a and 9 are like bookends or brackets to what is said.  And between them are two ideas: The Glory of God, and the celebration of mankind.

In the first section we see the weak made strong.  Here you find one of the secrets of the spiritual life, becoming a cry baby.  I’ll explain it Sunday.

In the second section, we find out God chose to use Adam and Even to “cultivate and keep” His Garden.  Did God need any help?  Of course not.  But the Great God of the Bible invites us to help Him.  This is the secret to identity and purpose in life.  I’ll explain it Sunday.

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