8/11/19 – Three Essentials

An essential is something that is absolutely necessary.  A non-essential is not.  There are essentials of our Faith.  These would include the Trinity, the Virgin Birth, the Deity of Christ, the Personal Visible Return of Christ, and Salvation by Faith Alone in Christ Alone.  You cannot espouse orthodox Christianity without them.  Modes of Baptism would be considered a non-essential.  (Unless you believe in Baptismal Regeneration which is a bigger problem.)

Many things have essentials.   For instance, Football requires a large HD TV, comfortable couch, chips and dips.  (A professional football team would be nice as well.  FYI:  Yata predicts the Broncos as 5-11 this year.  He is usually right.)

But church also has essentials.  For the next, three weeks Pastor Michael and I will teach on three church essentials.  There are more, but at the request of the Elders and Trustees we will teach three.

They all begin with an “S.” (We came up with these in our last church staff meeting. Thanks for the help Rebecca!) The first “S” stands for SERVICE, Pastor Michael will teach us the essentials of service this Sunday.

Serving began early in the Bible.  Moses told Pharoah to let the Jews  go so they could serve Him in the wilderness, Exodus 7:16.  And it will continue throughout eternity.  John says “His bond servants will serve Him, Revelation 22:3.  In other words, we all need to get used to the idea of serving.

Our church is a great place to train for an eternity of service.  See you Sunday!

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