8/18/19 – Well Healed For Eternity

Have you ever assumed someone would do something for you and it did not get done?  If this happens once it is irritating.  If it continues to happen, it can be infuriating.  You might go to the person asking, “What’s up with this?  I was counting on you, why did they you so irresponsibly?”

Did you know God is counting on us?  When He created Adam and Eve He was counting on them to “cultivate and keep” Eden, Genesis 2:15.  But they acted irresponsibly.  He was counting on them to be “imagers” (image bearers) in the physical world.  Again they acted irresponsibly.  Then God was counting on the nation Israel to be His “imagers” to the world.  They too acted irresponsible.

Throughout the Bible, God assigns tasks and responsibilities to us.  In biblical terms, this is a steward.  A steward is one who manages, but does not own, another individuals assets.  You and I have been given four things by God: Time, Talents, Treasures and Truth.  Pastor Michael’s message focused on the first two.  My message Sunday will focus on Treasures.

Those who act responsibly and prudently, He greatly rewards in Heaven.  They become WELL HEELED SAINTS.  While many wish they were well heeled in this life, sadly few care about the next life.  From the Bible I want to encourage you to “store up treasures in heaven impervious to decay.

See you Sunday!

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