8/25/19 – Just Give It Away

Just Give It Away is the title of a number one hit by the George Strait, who is the greatest Country Western singer of all time.  (If you care to dispute this, I suggest you take it up with Audrey!)

But it is also what we should do with the Message of Life. Prior to the Great Commission if one of the disciples asked Jesus what He wanted them to do with The Good News, Jesus would have said “JUST GIVE IT AWAY!”

Give it away?  Are you serious Lord? You can’t really mean this.  I mean this is the greatest gift in all the world.  We need to monetize this message.  Think about the franchise fees we could generate.  And besides, unless we require something of them to get it or keep it, we loose control of the product.  You need to rethink this approach, it’s reckless, ruinous and to be frank ridiculous.  Jesus shakes his head in agreement and says I know.  But GIVE IT AWAY.   Now get going!

Sadly, for centuries too many believers have not given it away.  I am encouraged by so many of you at Crosspoint who have given it away.  I think of a buddy of mine who spent time with his Uber driver, who was a Buddhist, trying to give it away.  I think of the Mom in our church who over coffee recently encouraged her friend to consider Christ.  I think of the young man in our church who spoke to his High School buddy about Eternal Life.  And of course I am grateful to so many of you who hand out the Gospel of John every week.

But I think there might be a few of you in our church who have never given it away.  So this Sunday I want to show you how to give it away. I believe one of the reasons the first century church was so extraordinary is they just gave it away!

Join me this Sunday as we equip you to GIVE IT AWAY!

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