9/22/19 – Yahweh & The Angel

Free will is a risky thing. But it is essential to any loving relationship.   When God created His heavenly family, the Elohim, he gave them free will.  In the first eleven chapters of Genesis, many of them chose poorly.  In Genesis 3, “The Nachash” sought to wipe our mankind.  In Genesis 6 corrupt mankind by spawning the Nephilim.  In Genesis 11, mankind rejects Yahweh as their God by building a religious tower. So, Yahweh, gives them over to be ruled by inferior gods, (Elohim).  See Deuteronomy 32:8-9; 4:19-20; and Romans 1:18-32.

But as we shall see this Sunday, God was not without a plan.  He chose from among those in Babylon a man by the name of Abram who would be the progenitor of a new earthly family, the Jewish Nation.

And then a mysterious figure shows up, THE ANGEL OF THE LORD.  Again, His Heavenly family and Earthly Family intersect, to bring about His plan.

Do you know who the Angel of the Lord is?  Do you know what He is capable of doing?  He is One on whose bad side you do want to be.  Or, He is One who can bring great blessing into your life.

He had a unique relationship to the Patriarchs, Moses and Joshua.  While He appears numerous times in Genesis through Joshua, He “disappears” during the time of the Judges.

Who Is He?  Come this Sunday and find out.  He is Someone you with whom you should  be well acquainted.

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