10/20/19 – The Walking And Crawling Dead

God did not intend to create do-nothing imagers (humankind) in the Garden of Eden.  His original intent was for humankind to trust, obey and carry out His decrees on the earth.  But The Serpent (a throne guardian Elohim) would have none of it.  Perhaps he was threatened by this new human family.  Knowing God decreed the day Adam and Eve disobeyed they would die, (Genesis 3:17) he tempted them, and they succumbed.  This is called the Fall.

Heiser says this, “Adam and Eve had contingent immortality prior to the fall.  They had never-ending life depending upon certain circumstances. The imagery of Eden, the home of the life-giver, and it’s tree of life, convey the notion that so long as Adam and Eve ate from the tree of life, called Eden their home, and didn’t do anything that resulted in mortal injury (they were human after all), they would live.  Protected in their perfect environment, they could multiply and carry out their tasks as God’s representatives on earth until the job was done.” (The Unseen Realm, p. 90)

Now, expelled from the Garden they were the “walking dead.”  And when the walking dead procreate, they produce little, cute, crawling dead!  Every human being born since the fall is dead spiritually, “for the wages of sin is death, Romans 6:23

But God has a cure for death.  It is His Son, who is called the Life, (John 14:6).   It is through Him our sin problem and our life problem has been remedied.

This Sunday our focus is the death, burial and resurrection of The Son.  Every person needs to have a clear and confident understanding of the work of Christ which solves our two greatest issues, death and life.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Sunday.

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