10/27/19 – The Great Reversal

It is a good thing cars have a reverse gear.  Can you imagine parking your car in the garage, and then pushing it out the next morning.  Or try parallel parking without a reverse gear! Shifting into reverse is a blessing.  But nothing like THE GREAT REVERSAL in Acts 2.

Approximately six weeks after His resurrection and only days after His ascension, the exalted Lord Jesus fulfilled His promise to supernaturally empower His disciples by pouring out the Holy Spirit on them.  It was on the day of Pentecost. It begins the Great Reversal.  Take 30 seconds and read Acts 2 and the story of Pentecost.

You will miss what Pentecost is all about by viewing it though 21st century eyes.  However, viewed through first century Jewish eyes it might have been terrifying.  While gathered together, suddenly a violent rushing wind fills the whole house where they were sitting. Secondly, tongues of fire, appeared, divided and rested (Greek word for sat) on them.  Now if I were in this room and wind and fire came in through the windows, I would be looking a door! But then I would miss one of the greatest benefits of salvation, the filling of the Holy Spirit. This begins the Great Reversal

As you know they begin speaking in tongues.  But why?  Then answer lies in the Unseen Realm.

It is still taking place today.  But are you missing it?  This Sunday you will learn the significance of Pentecost, and how it relates to your walk with Christ.

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