1/19/20 – A Big Production

When someone says it was a “big production,” they mean,  many people, great costs, meticulous planning, and harmonious cooperation between all involved, resulting in a stunning show.

This Sunday we begin a new series on the book of Philippians, the book of Joy.

In the opening two verses, it is easy to miss the BIG PRODUCTION taking place behind them.  Think for a moment  of Paul’s journey from the slayer of saints to coaching Christians, blasphemer to blessed, killer to confessor.  Think about Timothy’s upbringing and the impact his mother Eunice and grandmother, Lois had in his spiritual preparation.  Paul meets him in Derbe and an incredible spiritual journey begins for him.  And what about the sinners to saints residing in Philippi: Lydia the business woman, the slave-girl having a spirit of divination, and the Roman jailer.  God brought all these people together and a church was formed in Philippi, a F.O.B (Forward Operating Base) for the Gospel. This is no small production, before it is over there will be a cast for thousands.

But some ten years later while imprisoned in Rome, Paul’s thoughts once again return to the church in Philippi and the church that began in Lydia’s home.  Knowing how difficult it is to live openly and boldly for Christ, he pens this amazing little letter, and we get to read it today.

But the question is what does a two-thousand-year-old work of antiquity say to us? PLENTY!!

The theme of the letter is JOY, not happiness, but JOY.  Happiness depends on happenstance.  JOY occurs regardless of circumstances. It is an emotion acquired by anticipation, acquisition or even the expectation of something great or wonderful.

Charles Swindoll, perfectly points out “the book of Philippians is a showcase of joy.

Recently we wished all our friends a HAPPY NEW YEAR.  But why settle for happiness this year when you can have joy.  How is it acquired?  It is a really BIG PRODUCTION, DIRECTED BY GOD HIMSELF.

Join me Sunday as we see how it begins.

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