1/26/20 – The Fellowship Of The Cross

It had been ten years since Paul’s “Macedonian Vision, (Acts 16:1-10).  Leaving Troas and sailing for Samothrace, on the next day they set off on foot for Neapolis, and the following day a ten mile trek brought them to Philippi (Acts 16:11-12).  The sower and the seed had arrived in Europe.

After staying in the city for a few days, on the Sabbath they went outside the city to the river hoping to find a place of prayer.  Instead, they found the “mother” of the church Lydia, and a group of godly women.  Immediately Paul began sowing seed and It began taking root. The blessed Gospel of Jesus Christ was now spouting in Europe.

Thus began a unique and intimate relationship between Paul and the Philippians.  The church in Philippi was Paul’s favorite.

This relationship formed the Fellowship of the Cross.  He deeply loved them and they loved him, and they both loved Jesus.  They were bound together in the Fellowship of the Spirit, (Phil 2:1).

This Fellowship of the Cross, is the rich soil in which the roots of joy penetrates the soul.

I believe as we move into more troubling times, knowing how to have joy will be essential.  As we shall see Sunday, joy comes in serving the Gospel and suffering for the Gospel, the Fellowship of the Cross.

Paul thanked God in all his remembrance of the saints in Philippi.  My prayer for all of us at Crosspoint is we become like the Philippians and forge the Fellowship of the Cross.

See you Sunday!

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