1/5/20 – Don’t Settle For 20/20 Vision

Twenty years ago, we bordered on near hysteria over the dreaded “Y2K.” Perhaps you were one that subscribed to dehydrated packs, bug out bags, and filled your tub with water? After all, the world as we knew it, so we were told, could come to a screeching halt. The computer age had baited us into a dead end. How did your new year 2000 resolutions look with the pending chaos?
The apocalyptic end didn’t materialize, and your resolutions likely faded after a few weeks. Thankfully, we had volumes of bottled water stored in the basement.

Two decades, Y2.02K later, our hope as believers is to be steadfast and laser clear! No different than it should have been even if Prince had been prophetic in his eighties hit song 1999, “Party over, oops out of time”. A few days into the new year and you’re probably inundated with 20/20 analogies? Well, make room for one more? Except, let’s not under-sight and miss the mark by settling for normal vision!

To hear more join me this Sunday! We look forward to seeing you for our first service in a brand new decade!

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