2/2/20 – How To Pray Like An Apostle

Have you ever had someone say, “I’m praying for you?”  I have. Because I need all the prayers I can get, I say, “Thank you so very much.”  But in the back of my mind I wondering, “What are they praying for?  Do they know something I don’t?”

Well the Apostle Paul knew something most of us don’t:  How to pray.  His relationship with our Lord, and His Revelation from our Lord, uniquely qualifies him as a Prayer Mentor.

I am sure when the Philippians read the Apostle Paul was praying for them they were greatly encouraged.   But they, may have asked themselves, “Does he know something we don’t know?”  But in verses 9-11, he tells them what he is praying.

He begins asking God their love (“agape”) would abound more and more.  I wonder if Jesus told he all he said in the upper room?  Check out John 13:24-35 and John 15:12-17.  Oh, and don’t miss Romans 5:5.

He ends the prayer with “the glory of God, Philippians 1:11.  Love and Glory, two great themes in the Bible and they are in the Apostle’s prayer.

If he prayed this prayer for this church, we need to understand how to pray this prayer for our church.  In short, we need to PRAY LIKE AN APOSTLE!  He did know something we don’t know!!!

See you Sunday!

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